Overview of the College of Agriculture

The college of agriculture is the newest of the six colleges within the United Methodist University. Located in Gbazon Town Sinoe County, the college is 45 miles from Greenville and occupies 500 acres or 202.345 Hectares most of which is cultivated with Oil palm, with piggery, poultry, cattle and vegetable projects are in place, and will initially offer associate degree in Agriculture with emphasis on practical application of agro-Knowledge.
The first four semester of the program will cater to students who will acquire skill in practical agriculture with 45 credits leading to a certificate in adaptive Applied Agriculture Science.
Such courses may be taken at UMU. Those attending other recognized institutions may transfer their credit to UMU and will earn an Associate degree in Applied Agriculture Science. 

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Vision: The vision/goal of the University is to prepare a new generation of men and women schooled on the African continent to build nations that are spiritually, socially, economically and politically independent and self-sustaining.

Mission: The mission of the University is to provide quality education within a Pan African context through which persons can acquire general professional knowledge and skills within the framework of Christian values and ethics.



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