Profile of Dr. Mator M. F. Kpangbai, MBA, Ed. D.


Dr. Mator M. F. Kpangbai, MBA, Ed. D.

Dr. Mator M. F. Kpangbai is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, where he received both his Master in Business Administration with concentration in Accounting in 1997, and a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership in 2002, with distinction.
Dr. Mator M. F. Kpangbai has over 23 plus years of national and international working experience leading and managing diverse organizations in the public and private sectors within the United States and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr. Kpangbai served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of TEMAX & Associates, an Education Management Consultancy Firm in Liberia where he oversaw the Firm’s business and education initiatives with local and international partners.

As the Deputy Minister of Education, Republic of Liberia, Dr. Kpangbai directly planned, managed, supervised, and evaluated the affairs of the Department of Instruction. The Department functions included the development, implementation, supervision, and monitoring and evaluation of the instructional programs in all K-12 schools (early childhood, basic and secondary), teacher education, vocation technical education, curriculum and assessment, formal and non-formal education, and postsecondary schools. Dr. Kpangbai regularly interfaced on a regularly basis with senior government officials and development partners on issues relating to education sector reforms, public policies, public expenditures, budgeting, and regional integration.

While serving as Deputy Minister of Education, Dr. Kpangbai also served as the Vice Chairman of the West Africa Examination Council, and as the International Chairman on the Administrative and Finance Subcommittee overseeing budget and financial matters. Dr. Kpangbai’s WAEC’s International portfolio included being the Chairman on hiring of international staff for the five (5) members’ countries. Dr. Kpangbai served as the Chief Government Nominee of the Republic of Liberia to WAEC and as the Chairman of the Liberia WAEC National Office. The West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) is the primer examination body in West Africa that administers assessments to junior and high school students in the five (5) West African English Speaking countries of Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and the Gambia.

In the United States, Dr. Kpangbai worked for the Providence Public School Department as a classroom teacher, middle school assistant principal, and high school principal, respectively. As a principal, he directly supervised the implementation of the education plan, evaluated and supported staff; and collaborated with the School Improvement Team, teachers, parents, and education stakeholders to help meet school, district, and state learning goals for all students.

Dr. Mator M. F. Kpangbai has been and continue to be involved in numerous professional, nonprofit community, civic and religious organizations for over 23 years.

Dr. Kpangbai has vast knowledge and experience in education administration, education management, public policy, monitoring and evaluation, nonprofit, curriculum and assessment, teacher education, vocation-technical education, formal and non-formal education, early childhood, and basic and secondary education, girls’ education, public school and international (Sub-Sahara Africa) Education Experience, collective bargain (negotiation), Government and Donor relations, Higher Education, Public Speaking, Program Development, and business administration.

Further, Dr. Kpangbai has in-depth knowledge of financial and programmatic matters especially as it relates to Sub-Sahara Africa, and international donor agencies (USAID, UNICEF, EU, World Bank Group), and government.

Dr. Mator M. F. Kpangbai, is currently, the Vice President for Institutional Development and Advancement at the United Methodist University in Liberia serving as the Chief Development and Advancement Officer of the University.  

Additionally, Dr. Kpangbai is serving as the current Chairman of the Board of Directors of General Education and Ministry of the Liberia Annual Conference/United Methodist Church School System; with oversight responsibilities of over 60 early childhood learning facilities, primary, junior and senior high schools.

Dr. Kpangbai is the recipient of numerous community and civic engagement wards, and various leadership recognitions and citations.

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