Dennis V Smith, Comptroller

I hold a Master of Science in Business Administration (Honors) and a Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting), Certificate is Accounting and Accounting Technician from the United States, UK, and Liberia respectively. I have wide range of experience in the private institutions.

I have over 25 years work experience from institutions like:

  • LAMCO Buchanan Credit Union as Accountant, (Six years),
  • LIMINCO as an Accountant, (Two years),
  • Wells Hairston and B,W. Harris Episcopal High School,
  • Internal Auditor-(Three years), Mobil Oil Liberia,
  • Accountant(Two years), Catholic Relief Services,
  • Asst. Finance Manager-(Two years), Cocopa Rubber Plantation,
  • Comptroller, (One year), United Methodist University, Accountant, Chief Accountant and now Comptroller, (Fourteen Years).

I supervise the Business & Finance Office, verify all voucher and requests for payment, Prepare and chair University Budget, Prepare Budget performance report for the Board, Verify students control sheets, Authorize all payment for the University.

I have good analytical skills with a high degree in negotiations and physical management and descipline.

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