Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Albert B. Coleman, Ph. D.

The Office of the Vice President for University Academic Affairs (VPAA) is responsible to promote and support the academic mission of United Methodist University (UMU) with the objective of enhancing the university’s commitment to excellence in education, research, and community engagement.

The duties of the Vice President for Academic Affairs are the following:

  • To plan, supervise, and coordinate all curricular and academic matters of the university;
  • To ensure an academic program is in place that is geared toward the realistic manpower needs of the country while at the same time ensuring and intellectual atmosphere is in place;
  • To supervise and assist all deans, and chairpersons of academic programs at the university.
  • To coordinate all instructional programs;
  • To ensure that the curriculum is reviewed and analyzed with the view of improving academic excellence at UMU;
  • To assist in the recruitment and maintain a competent faculty;
  • To provide ways and means to support and promote research at all levels within the university;
  • To serve as a member, ex-officio of all academic committees.

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Vision: The vision/goal of the University is to prepare a new generation of men and women schooled on the African continent to build nations that are spiritually, socially, economically and politically independent and self-sustaining.

Mission: The mission of the University is to provide quality education within a Pan African context through which persons can acquire general professional knowledge and skills within the framework of Christian values and ethics.



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