United Methodist University Financial Information

At UMU We believe a college education is a major investment for both students and parents and we are committed and capable of providing you with an education that is both valuable and affordable.


The fees listed below are subject to change. Please consult the school registrar office for updates.

1-LD 11-LD 111-US
Entrance   1,500.00  
Application   250.00  
Registration 600.00    
ID card 250.00    
Breakage fee 125.00    
Activity fee 150.00    
Re-Admission   600.00  
Transfer Fee   850.00  
Transcript Fee     25.00
Late Registration   400.00  
Library 250.00    
Handbook 175.00    
Nursing Affiliation     50.00
Insurance 100.00    
P.E. T-shirt   200.00  
R.O.T.C. T-shirt   200.00  
Dormitory     75.00
Internet Tech, Center Fee     10.00
Catalogue 750.00    
US 15.00 per credit hour
US 20.00 per credit hour for nursing, information technology and science students
US 25.00 per semester for computer Lad (for all Student)
US 20.00 for thesis advisement (seniors)
US 35.00 per science lab (for general science-requirements & science college courses
Students who have completed their pre-requisite course and are entering the nursing program must bring the following:
(a)    One  blood pressure cuff (b) One stethoscope (c)  One thermometer

Payment Plan

Due to the current financial situation and the concern of the University for the parents and students who have to undergo their financial obligation in term of tuition and other fees, the University may, upon special arrangements, accept a payment plan on tuition alone.All other fees in category one must be paid in full at the time of registration. If a student or parent is approved for a payment plan for tuition, the requirement will be a minimum of 60% at the time of registration, 20% before mid-term examinations and the balance 20% not later than two weeks before examinations.  Also note that:

(a)    Registration fee is not refundable, transferable or exchangeable
(b)    No refund for double payment
(c)    Photo copies of deposit slip will not be honored
(d)    Deposit slips bought after 72 hours will be liable to a fee
(e)    Deposit slips with alteration will not be accepted

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Vision: The vision/goal of the University is to prepare a new generation of men and women schooled on the African continent to build nations that are spiritually, socially, economically and politically independent and self-sustaining.

Mission: The mission of the University is to provide quality education within a Pan African context through which persons can acquire general professional knowledge and skills within the framework of Christian values and ethics.



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