Admission & Registration Requirement

All incoming freshman student must sit and pass an entrance examination in in English and mathematics. However, there are three categories for passing except for the nursing students (A.Sc./RN) who take English and five core nursing students.

  • Category One-General
    • Pass English & Math
    • Passing English & core
    • Courses in nursing.
  • Category Two-Remedial
    • Remedial English-Pass math and fail English
    • Remedial Math-Pass English and fail math

General Requirements

All university students no matter their vocation or specialty should acquire a certain level of education experiences common to all. Hence, students of every college at UMU are required to do some general courses as prescribed by their programs of study in addition to their individual college and departmental requirements. The courses are:

Courses Credit/hr Semester
English 3 4
Science 3 2
Mathematics 3-4 2-3
Social Sciences 3 2
Physical Education 1 2
Medical Science 1 2
Religion 3 2
Computer Education 3 2

Requirements and Registration

The following documents must be submitted to the office of admissions, records & registration along with an application form (that will be given to the student) as a prerequisite for admission and registration.

  1. A properly filled in application form secured from the UMU Office of Admissions, Records & Registration.
  2. Two letters of recommendations, one from the last institution attended and one from an eminent person in the community
  3. Transcript from the last school attended sent directly to the Office of Admissions, Records & Registration /United Methodist University (UMU)
  4. Three recent passport size photos a non-refundable application fee and a non-refundable application determined by the university

Regulations on Transfer of Credits from other Institutions to UMU

Students attending recognized universities, both local and foreign might be allowed to transfer to the UMU.

  1. Only transfer credits from students’ last institutions of attendance will be accepted.
  2. Only 15 or more credits can be accepted at UMU
  3. No transferred student will be allowed to transfer with more than 70 credit hours with a grade point average of not less than "C" or 2.000-2.999
  4. Grade below "B" in major area must be repeated if student is granted admission

Credits Requirements qualifying student status

Credits Status
15-35 Freshman
36-70 Sophomore
71-105 Junior
106-141 Senior
Above 141 Senior - GST

For further information please contact the Office of Dean of Admissions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or call (please add phone number).

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