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Colleges and Programs

The United Methodist University currently has seven (7) colleges that enrolled about 5000 students on four (4) campuses across Liberia.

College of Management and Administration

The College of Management and Administration has the largest population of students, and offers Bachelor Degrees in the following areas: Management, Public Administration, Economics, Accounting, and Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

College of Theology

The College of Theology or the Gbarnga School of Theology(GST) is located in both Gbarnga City, Bong County,and Monrovia; and is the longest serving component of the University system. The School of Theology began in the early 1960s to train pastors for the United Methodist and Lutheran Churches, and other denominations that shared the same doctrine. The College of Theology offers both Bachelor and Master Degrees. The Bachelor Degree programs include: Theology, Religious Education and Sacred Theology. Master Degree is offer in Divinity.

Winifred J. Harley College of Health Sciences

The College of Health Sciences is located in both the City of Ganta, Nimba County and Monrovia. The College began as a professional nursing school in the early 1950s offering two year practical nursing training at the Ganta Methodist Mission. The school evolved into the College of Health Sciences with the establishment of the University. The College offers Diploma, Associates and Bachelor Degrees. Associates and Bachelor Degrees are offer in Nursing and Midwifery. Diploma is being offered in Dental Healthcare.

College of Liberal and Fine Arts

The College of Liberal and Fine Arts has the second largest population of students. Located in Monrovia, the College offers Bachelor Degrees in the following areas: Sociology, Social Work, Political Science and Mass Communications.

Joseph Jenkins Roberts College of Education

The Joseph Jenkins Roberts College of Education bears the name of the first Liberian President, an United Methodist,who was born in Virginia, USA, and migrated to Liberia when slaves were set free. The College currently offers Bachelor Degrees in one of the following areas: Secondary Education, Primary Education and Early Childhood & Development. All students have concentration areas in one of the four content areas(Mathematics, Science, English, History or Social Studies).

College of Agriculture

The College of Agriculture is located in southeastern Liberia in Gbazon Town, Sinoe County. The College has a land space of 500 acres or 202.345 hectares to engage in agriculture related activities. The College presently offers Associate Degrees in General and Practical Agriculture.

College of Science and Technology

The College of Science and Technology is growing in students’ population and currently offers degree programs in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Technology.

Note: All colleges offer minor and electives in various disciplines.

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Vision: The vision/goal of the University is to prepare a new generation of men and women schooled on the African continent to build nations that are spiritually, socially, economically and politically independent and self-sustaining.

Mission: The mission of the University is to provide quality education within a Pan African context through which persons can acquire general professional knowledge and skills within the framework of Christian values and ethics.



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