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The Joseph Jenkins Roberts College of Education

The J.J. Robert College of Education offers Bachelor’s degree in Primary and Secondary Education with emphasis in English, Mathematics, the natural sciences and Arts.
It is the newest of the five colleges.

The main purpose and faction of the Teachers College within the United Methodist University –West Africa (AU-WA), is to contribute to the development and improvement of the educational standard of Liberia, through the training of qualified and competent instructors both in the elementary and secondary divisions of the Methodist school system.

Program of Study (Elementary Education)

The J.J. Roberts College of Education offers four years of Bachelor Degree in Programs of primary and secondary education. The college mission is to train teachers by providing careful learning experiences that will eventually result in the development of her students into teachers for the schools of the new Liberian nation.

The programs offered are: The curriculum of the programs in the J.J. Roberts College of education is developed in a way that combines the theoretical training and practical examples through the display of visual aids , especially in the area of primary education. The college curriculum includes but is not limited to following: Basic education in mathematics and the natural sciences, communication and computer skills, religion and other required courses.